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Every moment you spend with MYTHICAL UNICORN is a journey into the world you dreamed. You bring the talent for storytelling and we provide the technology to fully realize your writing mastery.
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A desktop cluttered with notepad docs, messy piles of gently-used notebooks, a slew of cancelled memberships to the latest personal wiki sites. We’ve been there, done that. Then we built something better.

MYTHICAL UNICORN brings together the tools you need to do your best work. Flesh out characters and relationships, visualize and adjust timelines, compose unique lore and mythology, and use Ryder's Toolkit which includes our name generator and lore templates.

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Enhance your world with new perspectives.

Whether you want to quickly organize your notes or dig deep to patch any hidden plot holes, take charge of your writing destiny.

All you need is a few minutes to benefit from our detailed dashboards, expansive lore wikis, immersive profiles, drill-down location maps, revolutionary timelines, Ryder's Toolkit, and more.

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