About Holiday or Celebration

The holidays and special occasions that communities choose to celebrate can tell you a lot about where their culture places most value. 

If you consider the historical gatherings in agricultural communities where the people got together to dance, sing, share food and drink, and enjoy lively music after a seasonal harvest, you can see what an important part of their lives farming was. 

Keep in mind that a community refers to any group of people with a shared connection. While this is sometimes relevant to region (such as the example above) it isn't at all exclusive. Consider the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah. All across the globe, members of the Jewish community celebrate God's creation of the world by spending the first of the High Holiday praying in synagogues, hearing the shofar, and taking time to self-reflect.

When creating holidays and occasions for your world, consider the community it centers on and the value that community assigns to it.

Holiday or Celebration Template

After you complete this template an entry will be created in your Lore Wiki. You'll be able to customize exactly what displays on that page.

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