About Currency

Whether your fictional world is set in the rolling hills of a medieval village or a smog-filled city in a distant dystopian future, having unique currency can help you add depth to your story while giving you a chance to explore more about the world itself! 

For each currency you add, you’ll choose drop down options or fill in text. The responses you choose can prove very insightful. 

For example, if your sci-fi world is designed to be an impoverished people with little resources that have been stretched too thin, an example of a way you could help “show” this to your reader is by using “resources” as a currency type. In this sample setting, the state of the world would lean toward survival, not advancement. A plausible way to help readers experience this is a bartering system.

Using ore or coins offers the chance to explore the natural resources in your world and figure out what’s most abundant - helping shape geography, economics, and history.

Currency Template

After you complete this template an entry will be created in your Lore Wiki. You'll be able to customize exactly what displays on that page.

This is what your characters call the currency! “The kingdom is 50 Golden Dragons in debt.”

This is what your currency form is.

You can describe appearance or other relevant details.

Think about milk, video games, cars, houses.

Add in anything you think is important to know!

Bring your story to life.

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