About Calendar System

In a world unique from our own, it can be a great idea to build out how your calendar system works. Often authors choose to skip or gloss over how the world categorizes time so they don't confuse the readers (a respectable decision) but there are ways to tackle this lore aspect!

Some things to keep in mind:

- If you keep your years similar in length to our (Earth) years, it means a character who says they are 5 will be similar to our 5 year old children.

- You can have fun tying your calendar system into lore! Was it chosen because of environmental reasons (like the resetting of the seasons based on rotation around the sun)? Or was it chosen for societal reasons (like 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 months becoming a year because of some association with the number "7")? 

- You can combine reasons! 

- Just because you have a system in place that you understand doesn't mean your characters or readers need to as well. If your calendar system is a complicated combination of scientific possibilities, then knowing these reasons can help you as the writer but the technical reason for "Main POV's Birthday is on Day 34 of Week 2" is less important than his birthday.

- There might be math. But you have a calculator! When in doubt? K.I.S.S.

Calendar System Template

After you complete this template an entry will be created in your Lore Wiki. You'll be able to customize exactly what displays on that page.

Months, weeks, and days are placeholders that you can use or change!

Only answer if you chose option A, otherwise skip to relevant question.

Start keeping track of math! You'll want to multiply days per week by weeks per month...

Multiply your days per each month by the months in each year!

Remember, this is if there are no weeks in your world!

Multiply your days per each month by the months in each year!

Remember, this is if there are no months in your world!

Well, this one is simple!

Sometimes weeks or months aren't even - that's okay! Make notes such as: February ( - 2 days), July ( + 1 day)

Write applicable parts of formula below: (Days per week) x (weeks per month) x (months per year) + (added days) - (lost days)

Add in notes about why your calendar follows certain systems! You can also add names of months or seasons or days... or use our "Save the Date!" template for this.

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