About Chain of Command

Is there conflict in your story (or the lore of your world) that causes characters to band together to fight for or against a common goal? Our chain of command template is an excellent tool for streamlining the way you build the tier system in these organizations.

Does your story include a well-trained army backed by a wealthy king's coin? Is your world home to a ragtag rebellion waging war from a forgotten ship? Do you have a mysterious karate club? The local cops?

Lucky for you, our template can be used for any of these! You choose how in-depth you want to be, and how formal/official you want to keep it. 

Want to hear something great? Just knowing more about your world's chain of command can lead to many "show, don't tell" opportunities.

For example, a character well-known for playing by the rules, sticking to the books, and relying on a superior's advice and protocol isn't going to simply choose to disobey an order one day.

So when/if this happens, it can be a great way to emphasize the severity of a situation or her character growth (or both), 

Chain of Command Template

After you complete this template an entry will be created in your Lore Wiki. You'll be able to customize exactly what displays on that page.

What is this organization known as by characters in your world?

How are people brought into this organization? Does the government play a role?

Who heads this organization? "The Masked Man had brought them all together, but..."

Include the group associated with this role/rank! "Marines (Brigades)"

Optional (encouraged if there's a chain of command)




Separate from the main hierarchy


Any important notes you have about this oganization.

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